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Eastern Massachusetts Woman's Lacrosse Umpiring Association


Dual Members are out-of-area umpires requesting EMWLUA, Inc. to be their 2nd affiliated local umpiring board.  Umpires requesting dual membership status with EMWLUA, Inc. must be a member in good standing in their primary local board.

Enrollment Process

If you are interested in becoming a Dual Member for the upcoming season please have your primary board local chair email our EMWLUA, Inc. treasurer at confirming that you have fulfilled each of these mandatory requirements:

1.  Paid the current year's US Lacrosse annual dues.
2.  Attended the current year's annual rules interpretation meeting.
3.  Taken and passed the current year's annual rules test.

This email should also include your email address, local board name, and your current rating level.

Dues Process

Once our treasurer receives the email from your local chair indicating that the above requirements have been met you will receive a confirmation email.

  • If you are a returning EMWLUA, Inc. Dual Member you then need to visit our website at and pay your dues online.
  • If you are a first-time EMWLUA Dual Member an online account will be set up for you on the EMWLUA website ( You will receive instructions by email on how to pay your EMWLUA, Inc. Dual Member dues.

If you have questions on EMWLUA Dual Member status please email the Local Board President.

Eastern Massachusetts Women's Lacrosse Umpiring Association

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